Caleb Siegrist

Caleb Siegrist

Caleb on gradated background

Caleb Siegrist’s passion for finance can be traced back to his senior year in high school when he started his first Roth IRA at 18 years old.  Since that time, he has continued to learn the many aspects of the financial world while helping friends understand how financial decisions affect their lives ever since. The embers of the finance furnace have stayed lit in Caleb’s heart. In 2018 he made the leap to leave the typical punch clock lifestyle and became a full-time Financial Advisor for Universal Retirement.

Caleb has made it his purpose to help solve the problems people face with retirement today. He continues to make it his goal to help everyone he comes across and delivers an excellent product every time with a 97% client retention rate and even higher customer satisfaction ratings. He believes everyone needs a good financial advisor at their side; helping anyone from food service to doctors and from engineers to snake breeders.

Caleb’s success doesn’t end at the spreadsheet, he’s also a very proud father and husband. He married the woman of his dreams before joining Universal Retirement and has since started a family. When Caleb isn’t working, he enjoys the outdoors and sharing that passion with his daughter. If that isn’t enough to keep him busy, Caleb joined the Air National Guard and works as an analyst after serving 11 years in the Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer.

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