Ivan Parra

Ivan is one of the top financial advisors who is an expert in helping individuals secure their financial future. As one of the younger advisors at Universal Retirement, Ivan understands the importance of building a lifelong relationship with all his clients by not only planning for their retirement but also the ups and downs along the way.

As one of the most knowledgeable advisors within Universal Retirement, he prides himself in training as many new advisors as he can on how to best utilize the various strategies in retirement to help their clients.

Outside of helping his clients achieve financial freedom, Ivan spends his free time with his girlfriend, Karina, and their adorable dog, Max. The three of them enjoy going on walks, spending time with family, and finding the best food in every city or town they go to.

  • What do you think is most important when planning for Retirement?
    • Having a plan that’s flexible is vital. Life will always throw curveballs when we least expect it, and your plan should be able to change as you do.


  • What should every young person know about saving money?
    • Start with something! What may seem small now can only grow. The best time to start was 10 years ago, but the second-best time is now.


  • What is the best food to try in a new city?
    • Find the highest rated Food Truck. People are never more passionate about anything then when they start to see success. Someone who dove headfirst into their craft and commits is always bound to create something special.


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Ivan Parra

Ivan currently specializes in helping individuals and their families in the following states: