John Stevenson

John started in the financial planning services industry in 2002 at Legacy Financial and was able to help many clients protect their capital and experience growth for retirement and other uses. It was at this time that he started and funded his first TFRA and helped others do the same to build tax-free income and wealth.

Then for over a decade, John ran his own service-based company that employed dozens of employees with millions in revenue while enjoying double digit growth for 10-years straight. One of the biggest years was during the lowest point of the Great Recession.

During that time he founded a real estate brokerage and wealth consulting services where he was able to revolutionize real estate marketing to something that had never been seen before and was able to use it to sell millions of dollars of real estate.

After marketing and selling several companies, John transitioned from selling real estate and running his other businesses to providing tax-free wealth and retirement consulting services to his clients full-time. He has been able to help many people with tax-free income growth strategies, pass on estates to their loved ones, and build wealth safely.

John know’s the importance of helping families protect against financial downturns and build sustainable and tax-advantaged wealth accounts. He has recently been published in numerous publications with millions of readers worldwide such as Blogher, NuWire Investor, MenProvement, YFS Magazine, Tech.co and others.

When he’s not consulting or helping families, he is with his own family, or somewhere exploring in the Lake Tahoe mountains.

John Stevenson

John currently specializes in helping clients and their families in the following states:

  • NPR #:  7508883
  • Nevada:  168265
  • California:  4183416
  • Washington:  1140666
  • Oregon:  7508883
  • Florida:  W808944
  • Alabama:  3001828890
  • Kentucky: 1192244
  • Ohio:  1425057
  • Michigan: 1118505
  • Arizona:  7508883
  • North Carolina:  7508883
  • South Carolina:  7508883
  • Pennsylvania: 1058197
  • Texas:  2810612
  • South Dakota: 40632775
  • West Virginia: 7508883
  • Virginia: 1339196
  • Iowa:  7508883
  • Illinois:  7508883
  • Maryland:  3001829474
  • Idaho:  7508883
  • Indiana:  3778615
  • Utah: 198878