Universal Retirement is proud to work with the Clark County School District and its employees. We have been helping CCSD employees with their 403(b) and 457(b) retirement plans for over 10 years.

403(b) supplemental retirement plans can be a powerful tax-sheltered investment tool to help you achieve your retirement goals.

403(b) is the IRS tax code that allows CCSD employees to take advantage of pre-tax savings. Making contributions prior to paying taxes allows you to allocate more money to earn interest throughout your career! That can add up over time.

There are several restrictions to using a 403(b). One of which is the contribution limit. 2015 contribution limits set by the I.R.S. is $18,000. For employees over the age of 50, it is increased by an additional $6,000.


Withdrawing money from your 403(b) can be challenging. You may be able to take a loan from your retirement plan, but that money must be paid back. Hardship withdrawals are also available, but it can be challenging to obtain approval. Typically hardship withdrawals are allowed for qualifying college tuition, medical expenses, or home foreclosures. If having access to your retirement funds during your career is important to you, a 457(b) or IUL may be a better option.

Learn how your 403(b) account will interact with your PERS and Social Security income at one of our workshops.

Consult with one of our experienced advisors to see how contributing to a 403(b) can help you achieve your retirement dreams.

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“I have been so impressed with my IUL! I was able to borrow money from my fund, continue to make returns on my money in the fund, and then reinvest the money I borrowed to make astronomical returns! This has provided an amazing opportunity to leverage my investments into programs that fit my needs. I have since referred my closest friends to Universal Retirement. They take the time to walk through your strategy and objections to figure out what works for you!”

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