Become an Agent at Uniret
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We’re so glad that you’re interested in learning more about becoming a part of Universal Retirement. As a group of like-minded individuals we truly can make a difference in people’s life by helping them secure their financial future.

At Universal Retirement, we understand that people today are taking control of their careers. We understand your need for independence and flexibility. We also understand that you deserve to be rewarded for your own hard work, instead of rewarding your employer.

If you are entrepreneurial minded with a strong work ethic, and if shaping your own career is exciting to you, then Universal Retirement may be the right fit for you. We provide our agents with the support they need, but give them the autonomy they deserve to create their own boundaries. With a career at Universal Retirement, you will be rewarded for your own creativity and efforts. The sky is the limit!

How to become an Agent

1. Complete a Pre-Licensing Course.

2. Pass the State Test.

3. Obtain a State License.

4. Create an Account & Upload Required Documents.

5. We'll be in touch shortly.

Become an Agent at Uniret