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Angela Hess-Welsh

Angie Welsh started as an financial professional with Universal Retirement in 2012 and has worked her way up to Operations Manager. Before joining the team at Universal Retirement, Angie worked with high net worth clients in the private banking sector. Though she enjoyed the prestige of ultra-wealthy clients, her time at Universal Retirement helping middle class workers achieve their retirement goals has been much more rewarding. Working in the financial industry for 25 years has given Angie the proper knowledge and experience to assure every detail of her client’s financial portfolio is established to have the greatest positive impact. Angie has a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Utah University and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Westminster College. She is a published author and is on the board of directors for the Hess Cancer Foundation. Angie lives in Las Vegas with her husband and three boys. If you are happy with the service Angie has provided you, please feel free to share her information with your friends and family. You can reach her directly at

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