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Cindy Rust

Cindy is an educator by trade primarily in math, but she followed a tangent into the financial planning business to educate people on how to invest their money to help it grow as efficiently as possible. She knows how hard many people work for their paycheck, so she wants to help people make sure their money will be well invested to assist them in retirement or when needed. She decided she wanted to join Universal Retirement based on her own experience with them. Not only was she impressed by the products that Universal Retirement had to offer, she was happy to find an agent, Collin Burbank, that was attentive and passionate about his work. Additionally, she was inspired by his background story of Lance Burbank, his motivation to get into the industry, his hard work to start the company, and his attitude that the client’s best interest comes first always. Cindy loves problem solving and creative brainstorming. She appreciates getting to know people and helping them achieve their financial goals, so they can relax knowing their money is just as hard for them as they are working for their money. Cindy has 2 children in college and is married to a fish biologist. She enjoys adventures such as hiking, snowboarding, and most water sports including open water swimming. She loves traveling and attending athletic events –mostly soccer and hockey. What is your favorite aspect of your work? Watching people feel confident when they learn something. What is your biggest money pet peeve? No one educates people formally about all the ways you can make the most of your money and about all the misinformation surrounding investing in life insurance or annuities.

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