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Dallas Snider

Dallas Snider has been with Universal Retirement since 2017 and has consistently been a top producer since then. Before his time at Universal Retirement, he was an electrician working many hours every week. He always dreamed of owning his own business so when he learned about Universal Retirement and their concept of “educating the client” and “securing their financial future” he resigned from his job and jumped in with both feet. Because of his passion to help his clients achieve financial freedom, he not only increased his personal income by 50% or more every year but has impacted many lives and families. Core Values are everything at Universal Retirement and for Dallas, he always says “Honesty and Proper Education, go a long way.” His belief and confidence in this message has allowed him to be a top agent year after year. He has developed many great relationships with his clients and is always there to help with whatever question or need they have. He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, and works in 9 different states with plans to expand his reach. He was recently married in 2019 and travels with his wife across the country, and across the world. He is an outdoor enthusiast that spends a lot of time hunting, fishing, and camping. “The mountains are calling” is his go-to phrase when he has an upcoming trip planned. Along with his outdoor adventures, he loves to try his hand at golf and to learn new things about our industry and others. He is always looking to learn more, and be better than he was before. And his work ethic allows him to prosper in life, in all aspects. Dallas Snider (702) 544-3244

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